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GOLD Lawn Care Package: Discounted - 5 visits, 7 applications
SILVER Lawn Care Package: Discounted - 4 visits, 6 applications
BRONZE Lawn Care Package: Discounted - 3 visits, 5 applications
VALUE Lawn Care Package: Discounted - 2 visits, 3 applications
PER APPLICATION - (1 Fertilizer or 1 Weed Spray)
CORE AERATION - is the process where plugs of soil are removed from your lawn giving space for roots to spread as well as water and nutrients to make their way in. The plugs are left on the lawn to decompose and release nutrients back into the soil.
LAWN INSECT CONTROL - is done as needed. It is a granular applied to the lawn. This product is generally used to control ants, insects, cinch bugs, sod webworms, etc.
PERIMETER INSECT CONTROL - is done three times per season, spring, summer and fall. It is a liquid applied to the perimeter of the home at the same time as a lawn application. In addition to insects, it also works great for spiders. (Billed Prior to Service)
OVERSEEDING - can be applied to thin lawns to ensure thick proper growth during summer months. Overseeding can fill in problem areas and rejuvenate a tired lawn.
MOWING AND TRIMMING - Lawn mowing and trimming.

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